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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Batman vs. Lex Luthor: Battle royale with a robot?

Okay, I'd prefer a more psychological and emotional look at the parallels and vast differences in ideals between Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor. While Andy Diggle, the writer of upcoming series Batman Confidential--chronicling the Dark Knight's early days, which SO hasn't been done to death--seems to have a good handle on it, he wants to go wacky and add robots and the kind of crazy campy stuff that has always been mixed very very badly with Batman.

Diggle says, "It was my feeling that DC had tried so hard to ground Batman in a gritty urban ‘reality’ in the post-Dark Knight era, maybe they’d lost sight of that fact that at its heart it’s still supposed to be a superhero comic. And I passionately believe that superhero comics should be about speed and energy and movement, thrilling adventures and spectacular action. Not just, y’know, whining and soap. So my story begins as a mystery, develops into a conspiracy, and then explodes into all-out, balls-to-the-wall chunky robot action."

Umm...yeeeeah. As has been proven in the past, when Batman's NOT in that gritty urban reality that Frank Miller so masterfully crafted in The Dark Knight Returns, things don't go too well. I'm fine with Batman taking on the extraordinary; I mean the Joker pretty much fits that description. But even in the original Bob Kane/Bill Finger tales, Batman was a noir detective incorporated in a seedy urban landscape. With, like, no crazy robots.


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