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Sunday, May 07, 2006

We Shall Inherit!

As you can tell, I'm totally a geek. And, also as you can tell from my creepy propaganda-esque URL, I am seeking to recruit as many geeks as I can to build an undefeatable army of geek soldiers to take over the world, thus releasing mighty trumpet blasts from the heavens and ushering in Judgment Day.

Or, um, maybe I just want a cozy little hobbit hole in which to discuss my obsessions:

Comic Books - Stop by every Thursday for a day-after recap of my ritualistic trek to the comics shop (the very awesome J.C. Comics & Cards for this here geek) on Wednesdays to score some new comics. And, of course, you'll only be getting recaps of the titles I read...which means pretty much every single Marvel title, only the DC titles featuring Batman characters, and little else despite the occasional non-Big Two title I pick up. In other words, if you read Superman books other than Superman/Batman and The Justice League of America, you're outta luck.

Movies - Movies are my ultimate passion, as evidenced by my sporadically-updated website, Reel Picks. I'll give you the skinny on any movie of this year that I see, or any flick I catch at the multiplex. I'll also drop by every time I watch a movie for the first time that is so undeniably great that I label it a "masterpiece"; it happens with more frequency than you'd think. In the span of one week recently, I saw two (the unforgettably powerful United 93 and George Lucas' pre-Star Wars classic American Graffiti). I'm also making a short film called The Interrogator with my friend Will Penley, the blog for which can be found here.

Television - I'll host day-after recaps of every TV show I watch here. Which means that as of right now, you'll be getting The Sopranos recaps on Monday, Big Love recaps on Monday, American Idol recaps on Wednesday and Thursday, Lost recaps on Thursday, and South Park recaps on Thursday. (Just to be clear here, talk shows don't count. How in the hell am I supposed to recap The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Late Night with Conan O'Brien, shows that spend their entire running time recapping shit and making jokes about it?)

Books - I love to read, but unfortunately, I don't get around to reading a lot of current books, so no day-of or day-after recaps of new book releases (except on special occasions, like the forthcoming last Harry Potter installment). But every time I read a book so great that I don't want you to miss out on it, I'll be posting it here.

Music - Expect little to no posts about music. But if ever there's a funky Beatles tune or a Johnny Cash gem I want you to hear, I'll post it for your listening pleasure. Besides, I write angry political songs in my spare time.

Politics - Ah, probably the least-geeky realm I'm exploring here. But still, I have a significant interest in politics, as well as a significant hate of President George W. Bush. I'm not a democrat or a republican...if I do have to label myself, I'll go ahead and label myself an independent, as I like to do my own thinking and make up my own mind without relying on party spin-doctoring. But, that being said, I'd be totally dishonest if I didn't say that I have a definite liberal slant. I disagree with some of the liberals' more fantatical tree-hugging issues, but I'll take their side nine times outta ten.

Of course, I'll be covering the news in between all of these subjects, as well as some shit I just want to share or get out of my system. Basically, this is me (your buddy Arlo J. Wiley [but you can call me AJ]) on the world.

Off we go in our glorious pilgrimage to Dorkdom!


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